Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning

Daikin Central Ducted System can cool or heat your entire home, providing controlled air all year round.

Daikin ducted air conditioning is a whole house comfort for your home best suited for:

  • Whole home cooling & heating
  • Visually less intrusive conditioning

This system provides discreet air conditioning comfort for your entire office or home. The system can be initially installed in a new home or designed to fit even in already existing homes. Once this system has been installed it is completely discreet with only the return air, discharge grills and the controller being visible within your home.

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This system is equipped with an outdoor and indoor unit. It also comes with very flexible ducting. The indoor unit is completely concealed of out of sight under the floor or in the celling.

Due to its flexible ducting distributing cooled air through your homes becomes easy. Your home can be ‘zoned’ to maximize energy efficiency and customize your air conditioner’s operation.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility: You can choose the room which you want to heat or cool in your home.
  • MEPS Compliant (Minimum Energy Performance Standard): Daikin provides energy efficiency.
  • Inverter Technology: technology that ensures the temperature is constantly maintained.
  • Compact Design: designed to fit into tight roof spaces.
  • 5 year warranty

Daikin Exceeds MEPS Energy Efficiency Requirements:

In the interests of increasing the overall air conditioner efficiency, all ducted air conditioners with a cooling capacity of up to 65kW sold in Australia must now comply with the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), as set out in Australian Standard 3823.2:2013. All Daikin air conditioners exceed MEPS requirements, in line with Daikin’s commitment to providing energy efficient, quiet, simple to use and reliable air conditioning solutions.

Nav Ease Controller

This controller makes it very easy for anybody to control a Daikin Air conditioning system.


Via this app, it becomes possible to control your air conditioning system wirelessly regardless of your location within the house. It makes it efficient and even easier to maintain comfort.

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