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For several years, we have been offering high quality services to our clients with outmost professionalism and expertise. We install, repair and service air conditioner units in North Shore in suburbs such as Chatswood, Mosman, North Sydney, Killara, French Forest and Hornsby.

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Our Main Products

Ducted Air Conditioning

Giving you the flexibility to heat or cool every room in your home

Our ducted Air conditioning Systems provide efficient air conditioning for your entire office or home regardless of the season of the year. We install ducted Air conditioning systems in homes and also customize them for already existing homes. Once we have installed this system for you only the return air discharge grilles and the controller are visible inside your home. You do not have to worry of several crisscrossing ducts all through your house or office. Our designs are stylish and discreet

Split Air Conditioning

Delivering more effective climate control for your home

Quick and easy to operate. Split systems heat or cool spaces very quickly giving comfort to you and your family. The system is also incredibly easy to control with a remote. You do not have to move to have the right temperatures in your house.
This is a good choice for you if you want to warm or cool air only in the specific spaces. It is also cheaper compared to a ducted air conditioning system since it requires less labor costs, it is quicker and more affordable to install.

Gas Heating Systems

The effective way to heat your whole home

Ducted gas heating heats your whole home, delivering lovely warm air through unobtrusive vents in the ceiling or floor.Itprovides instant warmth that won’t dry out your eyes.

When it gets really cold outside, reverse cycle systems lose efficiency, while ducted gas systems keep your home as warm as you want it – no matter how cold it gets outdoors!

Why wait until winter, when you can grab some of the most unbelievable deals from us. We are offering prices for all of our air conditioning systems. Do it before the end of this month and you will end with great discounts on air conditioners, repairs and serving

Air Conditioning and Gas Heating Service

We understand that air conditioning maintenance and installation can be a complex process. That’s the reason we have dedicated our time and expertise to ensure that your home or office is fitted with fine and the professional air conditioning equipment at very affordable costs. All of our professional are certified with over 25 years of experience with air conditioning systems.

Our major services include:

– Installation of air conditioning systems
– Repairs and servicing of air conditioning systems.
– Installation of gas heaters.

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Over 25 years experience in the HVAC industry, North Shore Air Conditioning is the expert at climate control for residential and commercial clients.