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North Shore Air Conditioning has highly qualified technicians who offer the best cost-effective solution when you want to choose an air conditioning system. We have 25 years of know-how in this area and a reputation for providing reliability, safety and quality of service.

We ensure that your project uses cutting edgecost saving current technology.


North Shore Air Conditioning provides a range of products, solutions and the provision of personalised services with innovation, security and quality, in order to obtain the satisfaction of all its stakeholders, respecting the community and the environment.


North Shore Air Conditioning aims to be recognised as one the best among the players in the Sydney air conditioning market.


We believe that by working together we achieve the best results.

Environmental Vision:
Our procedures aim to conserve natural resources.

Our heart and mind are in all projects that we are involved in.

Always doing the best for our stakeholders

Something we won’t trade on!

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