ActronAir Ducted Air Conditioning

In an ActronAir Ducted System, you are guaranteed to have invested in an energy-efficient air conditioner.

This Australian engineered ducted air conditioning system features revolutionary technology which has the reputation for delivering super performance, flexibility, energy efficiency, and a time saving installation.

Moreover, ActronAir® technology has the lowest life cycle costs when compared to other products in this class.

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Energy Efficient

These air conditioners are very energy efficient and their performance is outspoken. Previously, most people have complained of soaring energy bills even when using super brands from abroad. This is because most of these brands are manufactured overseas hence; they are not designed to cope with the Australian heat wave.

Actron Air is just one of the few Australian systems built customary to handle Australian weather condition. With this air conditioning system, you will no longer get surprised by nasty energy bills.

Unique Features of Actron Air Systems

Why should you buy Actron Air and not another air conditioning system? Well, this is a very good question and I am glad to answer it in-depth.

Vertical Cooling Fans

This is perhaps the most critical component of this ducted air conditioner. Its external unit is fitted with vertical cooling fans which are tasked with expelling warm air vertically and also above the unit. This keep the unit cool enough to generate cold air which can be blown into your house when temperatures are too high to bear.

If you look closely, you will notice that many other systems in the market are using horizontal cooling fans which are not as efficient as vertical ones. And since air conditioning units are attached to the walls. This design makes the system too hot making it almost impossible to generate streams of cold air. This makes the system to consume a lot of energy leading to nasty electricity bills.

Foreign designed air conditioners have been designed precisely for humid climates where these horizontal cooling fans perform very well. In hot areas like Australia, where dry air and heat comes straight from deserts, horizontal fans cannot do the job to your satisfaction. That’s the reason people are always complaining of foreign air conditioners. They are expensive to buy and also to run.

Zoning Control with Variable Fan Speed

Actron Air ducted air conditioning systems are equipped with an individual zoning control. This implies that you have the freedom to set different temperatures for different rooms in your home or around your business. Though this feature is not unique to this brand, it is integrated with fan speed and could end up helping you save up to $900 in a year. Isn’t that impressive enough?

The Actron system has the capacity to calculate and adjust consumption based on how many rooms you want to cool. This is like being able to turn off lights from the rooms that are not in use. This capability helps you conserve and save energy by ensuring that the air conditioning system is only in use in the rooms that are occupied.

Built for Heat Wave Conditions

This unique feature enables Actron Air ducted air conditioning system to work in temperatures up to 50 degree Celsius. Though temperatures do not get this high, sometimes it not strange for temperatures to soar close to this on a hot Australian day. When such heat waves occur, other system may find it very hard to cope. Actron Air systems are equipped with the capacity to handle Australian heat waves. As a result, they will just continue to work fine when the North Shore summer is at its peak

Actron Connect

ActronConnect can wirelessly control your air conditioner when you are home or away. You can make your home comfortable before you get there.

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